Knowledge. Integrity. Personal Attention. Professionalism.

These are principles upon which David Lehrman founded the Sarasota Real Estate Company. After more than 25 years in the luxury real estate business, David established this boutique real estate brokerage to offer homebuyers and investors the qualities he most values in the real estate business – unrivaled client services, uncompromising integrity and a deep knowledge of Sarasota’s dynamic real estate market to help facilitate successful real estate and development ventures.

David’s many years of experience have given him a deep understanding of the many aspects of the business- from the planning and development of real estate projects small and large, to the marketing and sales of the end product. He came to know well that each and every client has unique goals surrounding their real estate purchase or sale. In looking to make all of these elements work together seamlessly to give the client the best possible experience, the Sarasota Real Estate Company was born.

The Sarasota Real Estate Company strives to remain a small company with the ability to build strong relationships with every potential buyer, seller and investor. We look to give our clients the inside track when it comes to buying and selling real estate, taking on development and remodeling, and providing developers and investors the unique insight we have gained over many years of successful endeavors.

Whether you are looking to find your perfect home, make a smart investment in Sarasota’s dynamic and flourishing community, or hire the best professionals to help build and sell your budding real estate development, the Sarasota Real Estate Company is your team.